Grace’s Golden Rules

Do your homework first and select a pet that will complement your family’s lifestyle—be it energetic, laid-back, service-oriented, sports-minded or whatever! The good news is that there is a wonderful pet just waiting to spend his/her life with you.

Pet your Pet! This simple exercise strengthens the human/animal bond and gives you the chance to truly nurture another living creature. It also provides a great opportunity to find any unusual lumps, bumps, injuries or other possible health problems.

*Treat your pet the way you want to be treated: with kindness and respect. Understand and appreciate what makes your pet unique because of its breed characteristics and/ or species tendencies. Cats like to explore and climb, retrievers are born to retrieve, herding dogs just might nip at your heels, etc….

Play with your pet-exercise is good for both of you, even it’s just a brisk walk around the neighborhood with your dog or an exciting game of cat hide and seek. Your pet will like sharing some fun-filled time with you!

Feed your pet! As simple as it sounds, providing quality food and plenty of fresh water goes a long way in keeping your special friend happy and healthy. There are many diets to choose from so take care to select a well-known brand that suits your pets’ nutritional needs, medical condition and/or stage in life. And remember, as Dr. Franklin says: “Feed by sight—if your pet looks too heavy, s/he is!”

Groom your pet because appearances are important! Fur needs to be combed, brushed and shampooed, sometimes even professionally groomed regularly (Think how you would feel if you never combed your hair.)This also gives you a chance to check out ears, nails, teeth, eyes and skin too.

Protect your pet. Keeping your cat or dog on your property can usually prevent serious injury-such as being hit by a car or involved in an animal fight. Confining your pet when traveling in a vehicle is a good safety tip for both of you and so is using a sturdy collar and leash when walking your favorite dog. Your pet is depending on you!

Train your pet-especially your dog and probably your cat. Gently and consistently let them know what is expected of them. They will enjoy pleasing your and you will enjoy having them—a win win situation! Having a devoted, well trained companion is worth the effort.

Talk to you pet, they really do like the sound of your voice. As time passes you will develop your own special language and be happy to find that pets are excellent, understanding listeners particularly when you’ve had a bad day!

Last but certainly not least-your pet needs total lifetime veterinary care! Just like us, regular wellness exams and vaccinations help to prevent serious illness. You should always feel free to call MAVH when you have any questions or concerns because that teamwork will help keep your pets happy and healthy.

So no matter which way you look at it sharing your life with a pet or two is a way of caring that’s good for you!


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