Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is unique because it is not based on the development of heat but on photochemical and photobiological effects in cells and tissues. Laser light positively stimulates the functions of injured cells. These positive effects include increased production of cellular energy (ATP). This means that if the cell is damaged and inflamed it can heal quicker with laser therapy. Even if the cell has undergone degenerative changes (such as arthritis), it can re-energize itself and begin to heal.

Amazingly, Laser Therapy can enhance cell function, promote healing of damaged tissue, and help to restore body function. This can occur even after metabolic slow-downs due to immobility, traumas, or surgical procedures.

Even though Laser therapy cannot cure chronic conditions like arthritis, several initial treatments over a specific period of time can give your Pet relief for from 4 to 12 weeks!

Then a customized maintenance plan, based on your Pet’s response and overall condition, featuring targeted and timely “Re-energizing!” treatment(s) can provide another 2 to 12 weeks of relief.

By the way, there is no anesthesia required since your Pet typically feels just a little bit of warmth in her/his tissue– which is very soothing. Actually, after several minutes of Laser treatment the body starts to release endorphins, those chemicals that have a relaxing effect on the body and also help to reduce pain. Ahhhh….

To Summarize, here is a realistic overview of Laser Therapy for your Pet:

  • The treated site feels better 12-24 hours after treatment.
  • However, even if your pet seems much more energized post-treatment, please do not allow him/her to “overdo it” until all treatments are complete!
  • Treatments are cumulative in nature and are customized for your pets needs.
  • Length of treatments and frequency of treatments can improve outcomes.

At MAVH we have consistently seen notable improvements in pet undergoing Laser therapy. We look forward to continue to share our experiences with you—stay posted for “success stories” and make sure to visit our Facebook page for any exciting new cases!

At MAVH we are focused on providing the quality of care you expect for your Pet! If you have anyquestions or concerns please give us a call @ 301.797.1800.

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In just a few days of using our new laser we have seen drastic improvements in several pets! We are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. Stay posted for success stories and make sure to visit our facebook page for exciting news cases!

 At MAVH we are focused on providing the
quality of care you expect for your Pet!

 If  you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to give us a call @ 301.797.1800.

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