Torn Knee? Think “Tibial Tuberosity Advancement”

What is TTA?

You know how you sometimes say “A little bird told me”?

Well, I’m the Little Bird (my brother Big is kind of famous) and I’m here to tell you all about what I see through the window of Dr. Franklin’s Surgery Room—one of his favorite places to be in the whole wide world.

Although Dr. Franklin believes “newer isn’t always better”…he’s now amended that with “but it could be” as he works hard to provide the best “all-around” surgical and veterinary care for your pet.

Hence TTA.

TTA—what kind of alphabet soup is that, you say?

Well, cruciate ligament deficiencies (“ruptured” or “torn” ACLs) are very common causes of orthopedic lameness in dogs. Whether due to genetics, obesity, athleticism or disease, this injury means chronic limping and discomfort for your pet and can often times be quite successfully addressed surgically…

So Dr. Franklin’s longtime (over 28 years) special interest in orthopedic surgeries propelled him to learn to perform Tibial Tuberosity Advancement, or TTA, as a new approach to repairing a dog’s “knee”.

Less-invasive than a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy), a TTA literally offers a new angle of repair for a dog’s “torn knee”. Advancing the tibial tuberosity by implanting a stainless steel (or titanium) cage eliminates any future stress on the deficient (“blown”) cruciate ligament.

Specifically, the biomechanics of the “knee” are altered in order to use a larger and stronger nearby ligament, thereby transferring the “work load” and improving your dog’s comfort and mobility. Amazing!

However, as a petparent, there are some key points for you to consider:

The most active ingredient in your dog’s 8-week post-TTA recovery plan is YOU. Your diligent commitment to controlled leash-walking is going to protect you pet’s healing leg…and your investment.
TTA can be a viable solution for treating your dog’s injured “knee” but as with all surgeries of this nature, your pet and you must meet with Dr. Franklin first for a personalized evaluation of X-rays, options and outlook…


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