Although large dogs are rather intimidating to little birds like me, I must share with you an experience that I’ve seen several times through the window of Dr. Franklin’s surgery room so you will be well educated and able to make the right choice to potentially save your big dog’s life.

(Just remember that “Little Bird” aka LB has your big dog’s best interest at heart…and when s/he goes to lunge for me on your next walk you better hang on to that leash! )

Throughout the years Dr. Franklin has had hundreds of encounters with Gastric- Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV), aka “bloat”. This serious canine syndrome causes the stomach to “bloat” due to the rapid accumulation of gas, then twist around its own supporting ligaments. This results in difficulties breathing and a decrease in blood flow to the heart and other major organs. OUCH… sounds painful! Not only does it cause your pet excruciating pain but it can be fatal in as little as two to three hours! Fortunately, there IS something you can do to significantly decrease the risk of your big dog developing GDV.

Dr. Franklin is a strong believer in preventive medicine, that’s why he’s been performing pre-emptive Gastropexies for years. Gastro…WHAT? you say?

A Gastropexy is a surgical procedure that permanently attaches the stomach to the inside of the body wall to prevent rotation and significantly reduce the risk of life-threatening GDV. This procedure is extremely effective and strongly recommended for just about all large- and giant-breed dogs that have deep and narrow chests.

Please remember, it is much safer to perform this preventive surgery on a healthy, stable dog rather than during a life-threatening emergency and…it is much more cost-effective for you, too.

So go ahead and give my friends @MAVH a call today for more information—tell ‘em Little Bird sent you!


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