Anal Sacs Be Gone!

Here’s something for you dogparents to consider— Dr. Franklin has been performing a certain kind of surgery safely and successfully for many years now. When I was thinking about how to tell you about it I remembered that my dear friend Amazing Grace had already done this far better than I ever could…take it away, Grace!

Let’s face it—if humans had anal sacs that wouldn’t be cool!

So how much longer do you want to put up with your pet’s discomfort from scooting, licking, fecal impaction or worse? And would you really miss the smell?

Anal Sacculectomy,the surgical removal of the anal glands, is routinely performed at MAVH. It’s a straightforward procedure that does involve an overnight stay but can lead to a much better lifestyle for your pet and you!

We would be happy to provide  more information about this surgery! (You’ll probably both wonder why you waited….)


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