vetdogs-dr-franklinSeptember 2015 marked the 3rd anniversary of Dr. Franklin’s commitment to veterinary care for the entire MCI-H VetDogs Program. Since then he has contributed countless hours to personally mentor the inmate handlers of these amazing dogs while fully underwriting 100% of the cost. But he will be the first to tell you he has received far more than he has given.

The camaraderie he has forged with the inmates has yielded countless uplifting and incredible memories during that time. The strength of the human-animal bond can work wonders.

Not surprisingly, during those years many trusted K-9 companions have been prepared to serve US military veterans and the “Hagerstown VetDogs Program” has attracted some significant attention. ASSISTANCE DOGS INTERNATIONAL wanted to learn more about this “prison puppy program” and their representatives from all over came to town in mid-September for an onsite Workshop.

The Workshop showcased this program’s organizational structure, support systems, and positive outcomes, then culminated with the Graduation Ceremony for the latest group of “VetPups” bound for NY to complete training before placement with a deserving veteran.


It was a great event, enjoyed by all—whether they had two legs…or four!


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