Vet Local right here @MAVH!

TTA“Knee” Surgery for Dogs • Chemotherapy • Ultrasound • Rehab & Physical Therapy with Underwater Treadmill •  Second Opinions • Hands-on Primary Care • Feline Special Interest • (Stinky!) Anal “Gland” Removal & many other Advanced Surgery Options •  Comprehensive Internal Medicine •                                                                Thorough Dental Prophylaxis & Oral Surgery—and more.

Dr. Dan Franklin has been diligently caring for pets in our community since 1980, and Dr.  Grace Sollenberger, Dr. Kelly Altendorf, Dr. Erica Izer, Dr. Shawna Rossini and Dr. Phil Turfle join him in providing a wide range of progressive healthcare options for your amazing cat or dog in our conveniently-located,                                              fully-remodeled and expanded hospital!

So Vet Local right here @MAVH, where we always serve “Two by Two, your Pet and You”! 


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