Tricky Pet Tricks?

laneylouEver have something mysterious keep happening when no people are around? Like coming home to find the dishwasher door open with suspicious fur and drool trails all over it.

Of course, the obvious explanation is it was not latched properly earlier that day—say perhaps after depositing the knife w/peanut butter on it that was used to stuff a “kong”.

But what if that person is CERTAIN it latched and even tested it? Well, the conversation ends abruptly…

Until one day when the other human happens to be home and hears some interesting noises in the kitchen—like “tap-tap-click”!

Aha! Laney-Lu the Landseer had just opened the dishwasher door with her nose and was about to perform her own “pre-wash” cycle….again! (The accused human was happily relieved 🙂 )

Have any of your own “Tricky Pet Tricks”?

Share them with us!

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