Pet Proof Your Garage

The Garage can be a major danger zone for pets.  Here’s why- most of the chemicals found in the garage are either flammable, corrosive, or highly toxic to your pet. Often times, we don’t keep our garage as clean as our house.  If we spill a little window washer fluid or drop a bolt, most […]

Pet Proofing Your Laundry/Utility Room

Your Laundry Room and Utility Room are full of potential dangers for pets- read on to learn how you can pet-proof this busy area in your home. Detergents & Cleaning Products- always keep lids tightly secured on your laundry detergent, bleach, liquid fabric softener, etc. Cleaning agents have a variety of properties; some may only cause […]

Pet Proofing Your Living Room

While the living room does not possess great danger it is still important to be aware of a few items that could be potentially harmful to your pet.   Fireplace While a fire is certainly not poisonous it IS something pet owners should always be cautious over.  Always use a fire screen to protect from […]

Pet Proofing Your Bathroom

Bathrooms contain all sorts of stuff that you wouldn’t want your pet to get ahold of… things like pill bottles, cleaning products, nail polish removers, toothpaste, dental floss, etc.  It’s important to keep these items out of reach!  Many pets with separation anxiety choose to express their loneliness by chewing through random items in the […]

Pet Proofing Your Kitchen/Dining Area

Food that is safe for us is NOT always safe for our four-legged companions. The 10 most common kitchen toxins include: Chocolate (especially Baker’s or Dark Chocolate) Sugar-free candies or gum containing Xylitol Grapes/raisins/currants Caffeine (coffee, tea) Fatty scraps Onions/garlic/chives Macadamia nuts Unbaked yeast bread dough Alcohol Scraps (ie. moldy food items, bones) It’s very […]

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