By Dan Franklin, DVM Doggie drool. Just the mention of those words can make even the most devoted petparent grimace. It’s naturally gooey and gets on you, your clothes, furniture, walls and more! Pets drool or slobber for all kind of reasons—anticipation of eating, purring, excitement—but did you know that same slimy saliva can alert […]


HOT-HUMID-HEATSTROKE! By Dan Franklin, DVM The arrival of Summer reminds us it’s time to protect our pets from heatstroke! The dangers High humidity, hot weather and being left behind in a vehicle can be deadly for your Pet. Even on a mild and sunny or overcast day, temperatures inside a vehicle can quickly rise to […]

Does My Cat REALLY Need to Visit the Vet?

Feline Wellness- Part 1 Does my cat really need to visit the vet every year?!?! YES!!! Cats need regular veterinary care just like dogs do.  Examinations are recommended once a year.  Cats age faster than you do, so an annual exam for them is similar to you visiting your doctor or dentist every four to five […]

Tricky Pet Tricks?

Ever have something mysterious keep happening when no people are around? Like coming home to find the dishwasher door open with suspicious fur and drool trails all over it. Of course, the obvious explanation is it was not latched properly earlier that day—say perhaps after depositing the knife w/peanut butter on it that was used […]

Fireworks Phobia

Fireworks and animals just don’t mix! However, it isn’t impossible to train your dog to cope with the noises.  This article is an excellent source of information for pet parents who would like to learn how to teach their pet how to cope with fireworks, or any anxiety causing situation for that matter.  As with […]

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