By Dan Franklin, DVM Doggie drool. Just the mention of those words can make even the most devoted petparent grimace. It’s naturally gooey and gets on you, your clothes, furniture, walls and more! Pets drool or slobber for all kind of reasons—anticipation of eating, purring, excitement—but did you know that same slimy saliva can alert […]

Pet Proofing Your Laundry/Utility Room

Your Laundry Room and Utility Room are full of potential dangers for pets- read on to learn how you can pet-proof this busy area in your home. Detergents & Cleaning Products- always keep lids tightly secured on your laundry detergent, bleach, liquid fabric softener, etc. Cleaning agents have a variety of properties; some may only cause […]

There Was a Calico Kitty that Swallowed a… WHAT?!?!

You don’t need to study this x-ray for too long before noticing this cat has a major problem! Yes, that is a 2-3” sewing needle in Susu’s stomach!  She was brought to us by her Petmom- who was becoming concerned because Susu hadn’t been eating or drinking much and was acting lethargic for several days.  […]

Zeke!! What did you EAT?!?!?

*There is a photo from the actual surgery below that may be too graphic for some viewers* Zeke, an adorable 2 year old English Bulldog, was brought in for a check up after a few consecutive days of vomiting shortly after eating.  Zeke’s petmom explained that he had been eating and drinking normally, was having normal […]

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