Pet Proofing Your Laundry/Utility Room

laundry kittenYour Laundry Room and Utility Room are full of potential dangers for pets- read on to learn how you can pet-proof this busy area in your home.

  • Detergents & Cleaning Products- always keep lids tightly secured on your laundry detergent, bleach, liquid fabric softener, etc. Cleaning agents have a variety of properties; some may only cause mild stomach upset, but others can cause severe chemical burns of the tongue, mouth and stomach.  The new laundry pods can be interesting to both dogs and cats- be sure they do not get ahold of these little detergent packets as they puncture and dissolve easily!
  • While cats enjoy napping in the laundry basket, dogs may be tempted to EAT the dirty laundry!  Wash cloths, socks, undergarments, and dish rags are all especially appealing to dogs.  We’ve had to surgically remove these items from pets more times than we can count!
  • If you do any crafting or sewing in your laundry or utility room be sure to keep items like buttons, sewing needles, string, yarn, and other small or linear craft supplies away from your curious critters. Super glue is extremely dangerous! If ingested it expands and hardens and required immediate surgical intervention.
  • While not poisonous the washer and dryer can be deadly!  Cats especially enjoy napping in or on top of the washer and dryer.  Be sure to keep the lids securely shut and check your washer and dryer before running a cycle.

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