Pet Proofing Your Bathroom

cat bathroomBathrooms contain all sorts of stuff that you wouldn’t want your pet to get ahold of… things like pill bottles, cleaning products, nail polish removers, toothpaste, dental floss, etc.  It’s important to keep these items out of reach!  Many pets with separation anxiety choose to express their loneliness by chewing through random items in the home.  Coming home to anything destroyed by your pet is never fun- but items found in the bathroom tend to pose a greater danger than most rooms in the typical home.

Cleaning products:

To avoid accidental ingestion or chemical burns be sure to remove you pet from any room that you are cleaning… This is especially important in the bathroom where harsher chemicals and bleach is often used.    If you use an automatic chemical tank or bowl treatment be sure to keep the toilet lid closed!


Both over-the-counter and prescription medications should ALWAYS be kept away from your pet’s reach!  It is recommended to keep your medication in a separate place than your pet’s medications to avoid accidental consumption.  We use very similar prescription bottles than the kind you get from a human pharmacy.  Do not medicate your pet without first consulting your veterinarian.  Some human medications can be used for pets but there are also some that are extremely dangerous including Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

Beauty & Hygiene Products:

Items like toothpaste and mouthwash may be tempting to a pet- especially dental products for kids that tend to taste sweeter. Dental floss can also be a problem as cats enjoy playing with string.  If ingested there is a good possibility that the floss could get caught up in the intestines causing major internal damage.  Same goes for for hair ties and small clips!!! Oh and avoid a giant mess by having your bathroom trash covered or better yet, out of reach! Feminine products, diapers, Q-tips, dental floss, tissues… dogs are scent driven and highly curious- they love to investigate- give them a treat stuffed toy to stimulate their mind… and keep them out of your garbage!!!!

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