Make a list & check it twice… to keep your dog healthy & bright!

imageMost of us are always on-the-go and often our dogs go right along with us!

Pet stores, dog parks, groomers, and boarding facilities… if your pet steps paw outside your home it’s important to ensure s/he is protected against infectious diseases.  It is more common around this time of year for pets to visit the groomers and boarding facilities… maybe you include them in your family photos or let them tag along to find a Christmas tree.  It’s awesome to include your pooch in these family traditions and activities.  Just be sure you do your part by protecting your pet.

Make a list (we’ll help you!) and check it twice for the 2017 Holiday Season

  • K9 Bordetella (aka- “kennel cough”) vaccination
  • K9 Influenza vaccination 
  • RABIES vaccination
  • Any other necessary vaccinations (K9 distemper & lyme disease)
  • Medication(s) refilled to get through the holidays

Keep this season MERRY & BRIGHT for your dog and you by planning ahead to avoid contagious diseases and emergency veterinary expenses.

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