Getting Your Cat to the Vet

Feline Wellness- Part 3

How do I get my cat to the vet without a hassle?


Taking your cat to the veterinary office can be a stressful and difficult task.  Here are some tips to help make it stress-free.

1. Buying a carrier

Carriers with a door on top are easier to place your cat inside.

Carriers with a top and side opening have additional versatility.

If the carrier has a removable top, your cat may feel more secure remaining inside the carrier during the exam.

2. Practice at home

Leave the carrier out in your house for a few days before the appointment.

Put treats, toys, a towel or blanket inside to encourage your cat to explore the carrier before the appointment.

If your cat wanders in the carrier on their own, reward and praise your cat.

3. Car rides

Always put your cat in a carrier while in your car- this is safer for you and your cat.

A synthetic feline pheromone (such as Feliway) used in your carrier may help to calm your cat.  MAVH uses this technique in our exam rooms.

Drape a towel or blanket over the carrier if your cat gets motion sickness.

Take your cat for a few short car rides to help familiarize your cat with travel.

Do not feed your cat a few hours before your appointment to help prevent nausea.

Reward your cat after successful car trips with positive attention and treats.

4.  At the clinic

Speak softly, because if you remain calm, your cat may as well.

Open the carrier once in the exam room to allow your cat to come out and explore if wanted.  Always ask a staff member when this is appropriate first.

5. Back at home

Place the carrier safely inside your home.

Open the door of the carrier and allow your cat to come out on their own.  Never dump your cat out of the carrier to prevent fear once at home.

Reward good behavior once home with treats.

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