Does My Cat REALLY Need to Visit the Vet?

Feline Wellness- Part 1

Does my cat really need to visit the vet every year?!?!

YES!!! Cats need regular veterinary care just like dogs do.  Examinations are recommended once a year.  Cats age faster than you do, so an annual exam for them is similar to you visiting your doctor or dentist every four to five years.  Prevention is always safer and less expensive than treatment, so an annual exam is a great start!

What to expect during your cat’s annual examination?

One of our veterinarians will review your cat’s previous health records. We will discuss medications your pet is currently receiving, including topical flea prevention.  We will note weight and age changes since the previous exam.  The physical examination will include checking the teeth, mouth, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, skin and hair coat changes, and palpating the abdomen for any changes, among other things.  We will ask questions about appetite and thirst, litter box habits, and behavior changes, which can all provide clues to determine if your cat is at risk or in early stages of a disease.  A recommendation of appropriate vaccinations will be made to help prevent disease, especially if your cat is determined to be at risk.  In Washington County, Rabies vaccination is required for all cats (and dogs) over 4 months of age.  We will recommend testing or treatments based on your cat’s examination findings if there is a problem.  You will gather valuable information during this discussion in order to help you learn more about your cat’s health.

Polly Pocket was gracious enough to be our cat model! 

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