Dr. Sollenberger and Dr. Altendorf: Veterinarians and Petparents, too!

Living with pets makes us happy. Even when surrounded by smart phones and tablets, tracking bracelets and digital assistants, a live and in-furson cat or dog can get us to smile, take a deep breath and relax.They live in the moment and can bring back fond memories all at the same time.

In Loving Memory Of





In a twinkling, years go by and we get (a little) older; so do our pets (but at a much faster rate). Good days and bad days—in sickness and in health, OK, and yes, until death do we part.

That’s the most difficult and important responsibility of petparenting—making the decision to humanely intervene to end the suffering of a beloved cat or dog.

It’s heartbreaking. It’s sad.  It’s what is best for that pet at that time.  It’s never easy.

It’s what faced both Drs. Sollenberger and Altendorf very recently when they witnessed the peaceful euthanasias of their very own dogs—Maddie and Rigby.

Unfortunately, they each had different forms of cancer and that dreadful disease was taking a toll on them.  Of course, both petmoms knew the clinical aspect of their dogs’ conditions but their hearts were still breaking when they said their goodbyes to dear Maddie and Rigby.

It was the absolutely right thing to do but it still hurt. Their devoted dogs are at peace, their suffering is over.

Maddie and Rigby will live on in all of the wonderful memories they made with their loving families—especially their petmoms.





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