By Dan Franklin, DVM “Pets have teeth, too!” While not a cautionary note about biting pets, it is a reminder about the connection between proper dental care and a healthy pet. After all, healthy teeth and gums usually translate to a healthy, happy pet. That’s why it’s a great idea to schedule regular dental checkups […]

A Timeless Christmas Message…

        AN ENDURING “STABLE” INFLUENCE As we celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, my thoughts focus once again on the true significance of Christmas that has endured through the ages. We’ve each chosen differing paths through this journey known as life and those choices have profound influences on how we relate to various […]

Welcome Dr. Kline!

Amanda Kline, DVM, grew up in nearby Sabillasville and is excited about “coming home” to begin practice!  Dr. Kline, a 2019 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, wants to excel at providing great, on point care for your amazing cats and dogs.    


By Dan Franklin, DVM Doggie drool. Just the mention of those words can make even the most devoted petparent grimace. It’s naturally gooey and gets on you, your clothes, furniture, walls and more! Pets drool or slobber for all kind of reasons—anticipation of eating, purring, excitement—but did you know that same slimy saliva can alert […]

Vet Local right here @MAVH!

TTA“Knee” Surgery for Dogs • Chemotherapy • Ultrasound • Rehab & Physical Therapy with Underwater Treadmill •  Second Opinions • Hands-on Primary Care • Feline Special Interest • (Stinky!) Anal “Gland” Removal & many other Advanced Surgery Options •  Comprehensive Internal Medicine •                            […]

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