Halloween Safety Tips

                                                                                                                                                     Keep your pets safe this Halloween! Between the commotion, the candy, and the costumes Halloween can certainly be a SPOOKY time for our furry friends This list is somewhat redundant from year to year but a fair warning is still warranted.  With a little extra thought and some common sense you and your pet […]

A Baby Boom (of FLEAS!)

FLEAS!  Stay on the Alert–it’s Baby Time! In recent years we have seen an influx (a baby boom!– if you will) of fleas around September and October.  As the weather cools down it puts pressure on fleas to get inside… where it’s warm!  Those little rascals will simply hitch a ride inside via your 4-legged […]

Dr. Anastasia Breidenbaugh joins MAVH!

                                              Dr. Breidenbaugh grew up loving the outdoors, animals, and science and she was certain she wanted to be a veterinarian after shadowing at a veterinary hospital in high school and volunteering at a wildlife refuge. She graduated from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, NY. She enjjoyed her time in chilly Ithaca, […]

Dr. Erica Izer joins MAVH!

Special Interest: Rehabilitation and Pain Management Dr. Izer’s passion for veterinary medicine began on her family’s farm in Greencastle, PA. Her earliest memories are running to the barn to play with the animals, and she continues to follow her passion here with hands-on, heads up care! A graduate of Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. […]

Is Your Cat Sick? Watch for 10 Subtle Signs

Feline Wellness- Part 2 Is your cat sick and you don’t know it?  Watch for these 10 subtle signs Cats are very skilled at hiding diseases, especially in the early stages.  Learn the top 10 subtle signs of illness in cats and why discussing these changes during an exam is important for your cat. Inappropriate […]

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