By Dan Franklin, DVM Interestingly, the ingestion of foreign bodies by pets is one of the primary reasons for exploratory surgery! Through 35 years of practice, I have surgically removed toys, plastic banana parts, corncob pieces, large unshelled nuts, an entire pair of pantyhose, meat wrappers, string turkey lifters, coins, socks, carpeting, and elastic hair […]

Atticus Story

Cat straining to urinate = EMERGENCY! By Kelly Altendorf, DVM Meet Atticus. Handsome, right?!? Well, not too long ago, Atticus was hospitalized @MAVH for a very serious medical condition called URETHRAL OBSTRUCTION. This happens when the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body) becomes blocked and the cat […]

Getting Your Cat to the Vet

Feline Wellness- Part 3 How do I get my cat to the vet without a hassle? Taking your cat to the veterinary office can be a stressful and difficult task.  Here are some tips to help make it stress-free. 1. Buying a carrier Carriers with a door on top are easier to place your cat […]

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