There Was a Calico Kitty that Swallowed a… WHAT?!?!

susuYou don’t need to study this x-ray for too long before noticing this cat has a major problem!

Yes, that is a 2-3” sewing needle in Susu’s stomach!  She was brought to us by her Petmom- who was becoming concerned because Susu hadn’t been eating or drinking much and was acting lethargic for several days.  Dr. Lock examined Susu carefully- because Susu was very tense and painful it was difficult for her to palpate her abdomen- which was actually a blessing in disguise!  After a thorough exam, Dr. Lock recommended x-rays to further her investigations.

Two quick pictures and VOILA!  Mystery solved!  It was obvious that the needle-like object found in the abdomen was the cause of poor Susu feeling ill.  Surgical intervention was necessary so Susu and Dr. Franklin met up in the surgery room to take care of business!

Dr. Franklin found the needle had perforated through the wall of the small intestine.  Susu had another little surprise for us… attached to the needle was a long piece of thread that went through the small intestine, up through the cardia (the upper part of the stomach that adjoins to the esophagus), into the esophagus, and attached by a knot deep in the back of her throat.  This required some careful and very intense manipulating in order to release the string from where it was anchored. OUCH!  How did she manage to swallow that?!?!

“Needleless” to say, Miss Susu was a happy camper after having a very successful exploratory surgery.  Moral of the story… if your pet seems “not right” give us a call!  Often times we tend to wait for a few days thinking that the problem will resolve in time. Now, that is a very logical approach but when we are dealing with pets- there is no way to tell what they may have gotten into nor are they able to vocalize how they are really feeling.  The sooner we can pinpoint the problem the better the outcome.

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