A Baby Boom (of FLEAS!)

FLEAS!  Stay on the Alert–it’s Baby Time!

In recent years we have seen an influx (a baby boom!– if you will) of fleas around September and October.  As the weather cools down it puts pressure on fleas to get inside… where it’s warm!  Those little rascals will simply hitch a ride inside via your 4-legged pal.

Many clients use flea preventative religiously throughout the summer months but then discontinue use during the fall and winter months.  This little mistake can be disastrous!  I remember a time when we may have been able to get away with this method…. Treating with preventative during spring and summer then breaking for fall and winter– we could get away with it because the temperature actually dropped enough to kill off these guys. (I use “might” and “may” very loosely because if we did get away with this method a little luck may have been involved!)  You see, adult fleas cannot survive freezing temperature… BUT their larvae can!!!

Flea larvae are covered in a protective cocoon and will remain in that state until the surroundings are favorable for them to hatch.  So, let’s just say one little flea hitched a ride on your pooch and laid eggs on your living room carpet.  Since the conditions in your home are mild these eggs hatched within days.  Each adult flea can lay up to 30 eggs per day.  Imagine 30 adult fleas each laying 30 more eggs daily!  Doesn’t take long for these nasty pests to completely take over your home.

So, now that you’re itching all over, here are some suggestions from MAVH:

  • KEEP your pet on flea & tick preventative!
  • A cat is not the same as a small dog! DO NOT USE DOG flea treatment on your cat!!!!! (that can be deadly.)
  • Read & follow the application instructions carefully.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about the best preventative plan for your pets. We’re here to help!

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