Hands-on, complete veterinary care for your Pet is not extinct at MAVH!

We are a surgery, internal and preventive medicine hospital filled with dedicated veterinarians, experienced staff and good equipment in a very convenient location. MAVH works hard to help you give your cat or dog the best life possible, and we do it all right here in Hagerstown. So think MAVH before you load up your […]

This “Jersey Girl” went on a wild ride to Maryland!

Woo-Hoo! Like most dogs I get really excited when I sense a car ride is about to happen—my whiskers even wiggle! But when I felt that way Monday I was confused because it seemed too early in the morning to be going on an adventure, but sure enough we were soon rolling along on the […]

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Phoebe’s surgery day at Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

by  Petra  Miller, Tech Support@ MAVH I have worked as a Tech at MAVH since 2004 and have over the years comforted many nervous pet parents as they leave their pets with us, promising them we will take good care of their fur babies, and telling them we will do our very best to keep […]

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MAVH working with the Pets Breeding Control Foundation

The Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital is proud to be working with the Pets Breeding Control Foundation (PBC) to control of overpopulation of stray dogs and cats living in the streets of the Dominican Republic. The PBC helps by providing neutering, vaccinating and de-worming to animals whose owners have limited resources, and by providing treatment, recovery and adoption […]

American VetDogs’ Graduation

Anyone remember these guys from last October? Since their initial puppy check up at MAVH last year they have been hard at work!  They’ve learned how to open drawers, doors, and refrigerators; they can push a wheelchair and pick up delicate items off the ground like a pair of reading glasses.  They have learned how to behave […]

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