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TTA“Knee” Surgery for Dogs • Chemotherapy • Ultrasound • Rehab & Physical Therapy with Underwater Treadmill •  Second Opinions • Hands-on Primary Care • Feline Special Interest • (Stinky!) Anal “Gland” Removal & many other Advanced Surgery Options •  Comprehensive Internal Medicine •                            […]

Dr. Sollenberger and Dr. Altendorf: Veterinarians and Petparents, too!

Living with pets makes us happy. Even when surrounded by smart phones and tablets, tracking bracelets and digital assistants, a live and in-furson cat or dog can get us to smile, take a deep breath and relax.They live in the moment and can bring back fond memories all at the same time. In Loving Memory […]

Hagerstown Magazine features MAVH!

Doctors Without Borders All of us at Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital are proud that Dr. Franklin and Dr. Grace Sollenberger are featured in the March/April 2016 edition of Hagerstown Magazine.  We hope you’ll pick up a copy, or take a look on the HM website.  

Therapeutic Pet Bathing
—The Easy Way!

Is your pet’s skin a mess? Is s/he having a really bad fur day, week, month? Has your MAVH veterinarian recommended therapeutic bathing? Now what? More mess for you? No, for us! Hi, we’re Tara and Heather, the MAVH Bath Techs. We have been trained to give pets soothing,therapeutic baths as directed by our veterinarians. […]


September 2015 marked the 3rd anniversary of Dr. Franklin’s commitment to veterinary care for the entire MCI-H VetDogs Program. Since then he has contributed countless hours to personally mentor the inmate handlers of these amazing dogs while fully underwriting 100% of the cost. But he will be the first to tell you he has received […]

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