Walking Tour

  • Welcome to Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital! My name is Oscar Weebly and I will be your official tour guide. My good friends Emma, Jonah, and Howard will be helping me along the way. I hope you enjoy the tour of my home!
  • This is my favorite corner of the waiting room. What cat wouldn’t love a basket full of fluffy toys? I could stay & play in here all day! Just gotta find a way to sneak past those humans.
  • Emma and I are the perfect patients! Here we are waiting for our exams. Do I need to take my fancy tie off for this?
  • Looking under the microscope is a great way to help diagnose problems. Finding those pesky ear mites are just one of the many things this timeless tool can help us see.
  • 5. Here I am in our laboratory checking out some bloodwork results from our state-of-the-art Idexx machines. It can tell if my organs are functioning the right way within a matter of minutes! Hey Doc, what do all these numbers mean?
  • Here’s Emma, modeling the safety glasses for our therapeutic laser. This machine helps to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and promotes healing for a number of medical conditions. It brings advanced technology to your pet.
  • Ultrasonography allows our doctors to take a much closer look inside our bodies. Emma, don’t be nervous, it doesn’t hurt a bit!
  • Teamwork in Action! Emma and her Pet Dad, Dr. Franklin, confer on this digital x-ray. What a great and efficient diagnostic tool @ MAVH!
  • Say cheeeeese! Emma is smiling for her dental X-rays because she knows how important healthy teeth are!
  • Here I am in our surgical suite- it’s equipped with monitoring equipment to make sure we are safe under anesthesia, and that is serious business!
  • Emma is all snuggled up in one of our post-op recovery units. This blanket fills with warm air to make sure our body temperature remains normal. I feel a cat nap coming on!
  • My best friend Jonah is showing off our climate-controlled oxygen unit for patients that are having trouble breathing!
  • Here is my good buddy Howard demonstrating how cozy our accommodations are in case one of our furry friends needs to spend the night.
  • Wow, it’s been a long day! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my home, but now I’m ready for that cat nap! Hope to meet you soon!

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