About Us

Our Beginnings

Dr. Dan Franklin, who had already been serving this community for 16 years, founded Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital in May 1996.

With a core staff of seven employees, Dr. Franklin worked solo “24-7” for over two years until his first associate joined him in practice. Now our team currently numbers 27-strong.

Mission Statement

Our Professional Staff will provide comprehensive lifetime veterinary care and services for pets and their families in a kind and courteous manner. The respect we have for all living things is a result of our acknowledgement of God as our Father and Creator of all things. . .


We will strive to become one of the best veterinary hospitals in our area with excellent equipment and progressive procedures as well as the most compassionate, knowledgeable and professional staff focused on educating petparents about pet wellness and total lifetime care.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that we have the responsibility and privilege to take care of the animal kingdom.
  • We believe that many pet illnesses and injuries can and should be prevented or avoided.
  • We believe that we have the responsibility and privilege to educate petparents to be proactive about the health care management of their pets.
  • We believe that your pet is a member of the family, and your pet and you are important members of our family.
  • We believe in providing high-quality progressive yet practical care.
  • We believe that we should convey to each pet family the love and conscientious care that our Heavenly Father freely gives to each of us.

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