Chemotherapy at MAVH

Once the diagnosis of determining that your dear Pet has cancer has been made, a consultation with the Doctors of Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital could determine that Chemotherapy can offer one of the best opportunities to help your Cat or Dog.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy drugs are serious compounds that are toxic to cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs may be administered orally, or by intravenous (IV) or subcutaneous (under the skin) injection.

How does chemotherapy work?

Cancer cells typically multiply very rapidly, so most chemotherapy drugs target those rapidly growing cells to damage their ability to divide, eventually killing them.

Why chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy can be the most effective single treatment for some types of cancer, by offering the best chance for remission while maintaining a good quality of life for your pet.

Chemotherapy is often recommended after surgical removal of a malignant cancer. The purpose of chemotherapy in this application is not only to try to prevent recurrence of the cancer at the original site, but also to try to prevent metastasis.

Occasionally, chemotherapy will be used alone for the treatment of cancers that are inoperable, or are not good candidates for radiation therapy, or have already metastasized. In most of these cases, the goal of treatment will not be to cure the cancer, but rather to improve your pet’s quality of life temporarily by reducing pressure, bleeding, or pain.


After diagnosis, screening, and staging, a customized treatment plan for each pet is carefully developed by an MAVH Veterinarian.

The length of a particular course of chemotherapy will vary depending on the cancer being treated so the specific length of your own pet’s treatment will be discussed with you in detail.

More questions or concerns?

Rest assured they will be addressed because Chemotherapy requires solid teamwork between you and MAVH at this very critical time in your Pet’s life.


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